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Welcome to the Newest Oldest Dragonmarks campaign! Our heroes are on a quest to see if they can help rebuild the Phiarlan House.

Help me build this wiki by adding pages/editing pages for anything you want! I’ll probably put in the basic stuff like landmarks and what not but go nuts. Keep in mind there’s a section for characters too if that’s what you’re thinking of adding!


A NOTE ON PICTURES: In order to use the free version of this site, we have to stay under a total of 10 MB of uploaded media. Keep that in mind when you are uploading pics to wiki pages. I’m not saying “no pics allowed” but if we start approaching the memory cap, I will have to start limiting new wiki pages to text only and prioritizing character pics (the more important of the two, if you ask me). As it stands now we are sitting at roughly 3.6 MB used.

Main Page

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