Water Bear

dwarven druid with a trusting personality


Water Bear is shorter than most dwarves, standing at 3’10" and almost always has a smile on his face. He is quick to trust strangers and is always willing to help someone in need.

He is often seen wearing one of the animal pelts he made during his long stint as a hermit druid, communing with the beasts of the forest and learning their ways.


Not much is known of Water Bear to date. He is attempting to infiltrate the ranks of SHMISIS but his reasons remain somewhat vague.

Our heroes helped Water Bear pass the test that let him join SHMISIS as a recruit in Chapter 5: Make Zolanberg Great Again. They telepathically relayed answers to the SHMISIS test in the basement of the Jimmy Jam Club. He left the group to continue on with his training as a new recruit.

When the party fought off SHMISIS in the Greytooth Cavern, Water Bear attempted to assassinate Ebby Leeway, with whom he seemed to have some sort of violent vendetta.

Water Bear

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