Margaret the Outsider

massive silver dragon


A massive Ancient Silver Dragon, this creature is immensely powerful and commands the power of cold.

Margaret appears to have the ability to transform into or inhabit structures such as large houses or underground caverns.


Our heroes first encountered the dragon when trying to save Astrid’s “husband” from the massive grey building in Chapter 1.

The same silver dragon was seen once again in Chapter 3 when the party witnessed it flying above them as they recovered from fighting the Content Not Found: mother-drake. It appeared to be issuing some sort of alarm or signal, or maybe it was looking for something?

The party encountered Margaret a third time when they discovered the Greytooth Cavern beneath Larry near the town of Zolanberg in Chapter 5. Margaret WAS the Greytooth Cavern, to be exact.

Much of her story remains a mystery, although the party learned of a possible brother, an angry blue dragon.

Margaret the Outsider

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