A very tall, svelte, dark-skinned barbarian skilled in the art of speaking with animals. Mo’ga wears a large lion skin as a cape where the head of the lion forms a hood.


Mo’ga came to Khorvaire with the rest of the original Snowy’s Angels crew, landing in Rheklor and helping Astrid find her “husband” in Chapter 1. He also managed to pull off some crazy party tricks in the Darguun Forest such as attempting to swallow an infinite number of reproducing flowers and trying equally hard to milk a giant spider to gather its silk. He also bonded with Cow Vasher the Bugbear, largely through the use of similar grammar.

The night before the party left Darguun, Mo’ga and Miguera were visited by Astrid in private and were offered alternative quests to the one they were already on. While Miguera was whisked away to lower her stress levels in an Elven spa, it was requested of Mo’ga that he join a group of adventurers more “on his level” in terms of competency and strength. Mo’ga agrees instantly, although he whispers a sweet goodbye to Snowy the Black Cat before he blinks away with Astrid.

Since his departure from Snowy’s Angels, Mo’ga has been adventuring with a much more rough and tumble sort of crowd. The group of half-orcs known only as The Green Menace (now known only as “Snowy’s Angels”) have been working for Sarya Phiarlan for a while now, enticed by her offer of riches and fame. They have been seeking out dragonmarks as well, although their style of persuasion typically involves less talking and more hitting. Mo’ga, despite being one of the largest of the Snowy’s Angels bunch, is now the lightest and most dextrous of his new group. He has also been using his unique ability to speak with animals to amass a small army of rodents and birds that follow The Green Menace wherever they go.

The party has encountered Mo’ga a few times in their travels since he left the party, including a raucous visit on The Elemental Express and a bloody battle with Margaret in the Greytooth Cavern in Chapter 5.


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