Colonel Buffo

Colonel in the terrorist group SHMISIS


Colonel Buffo is a stout dwarf with muscles to spare. He is stern-looking but has warm eyes.


He is a colonel in SHMISIS and apparently close friends with Water Bear, the dwarven druid.

The party encountered him as he was speaking with Water Bear in his pyjamas in Leeway Tower. Our heroes interrupted what seemed to be a heart-to-heart conversation in order to demand that he explain SHMISIS to them and give them the key to his office. Itachi hypnotized him then the party split with his key. Wham, bam, thank you ma’am.

They later met him in the Greytooth Cavern where Smalls both tripped and killed him by stabbing him numerous times with the McMillan Spike.

Colonel Buffo seemed to know something about the relationship between Water Bear and Leeway but his secret died with him.

Colonel Buffo

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