The Newest Oldest Dragonmark

Chapter 5: Make Zolanberg Great Again

Part 5

Our heroes, trapped as they were in Leeway’s penthouse nightmare, are in a tizzy. Miguera and Dracob take quite a few blows from an angry mimic but manage to Dimension Door on out to safety. The others shamelessly collect gold and other random items from chests. They also manage to stave off some possessed armor using “teamwork.”

The party begins to panic as the door to their room begins to lower and expose them to the lava beyond. Itachi cleverly pushes the penthouse elevator’s call button with his mage hand, opening the elevator door and draining the magma from the penthouse.

The penthouse begins to lower back down through the clouds and lands back on top of the crumbling Leeway Tower. The party must figure out how to lower themselves safely down to the ground before the weight of the room collapses the building’s supports. Thanks to some druid spider magic from Kai-El, most of the party lowers themselves to the ground safely using his web. Kelennia finds this extremely troubling.

Now on terra firma, the gang meets up with Stephan the Chef again. He reveals that he doesn’t know exactly where his boss (Ebby Leeway) is but that he does often travel to the nearby mountains for meetings. The gang frog marches Stephan to the McMillan Mineral Refinery, enforced by a threatening bear formerly known as Kai-El. They’re investigating the fact that all the lights have been turned on again despite being empty and locked up a few days ago. Naturally, Smalls is in the lead. bear.jpg

Once there, they find a young member of the McMillan family, pompous and demanding. With the threat of a little violence, however, they quickly crack him and find out that he was sent here to make it look like the refinery was back in business, despite it’s continued failure. While ransacking the office, the party finds an announcement for a McMillan Corporation corporate retreat set to happen a few months from now in the resort town of Aruldusk.

Kai-El, still guarding Stephan in his bear form, sees Minister Chunk enter the refinery. Stephan, seeing a way out of this kidnapping, screams for help. Kai-El rips him to shreds. Chunk seems unfazed when he recognizes the party and doesn’t follow up the murder he’s just witnessed at all. He seems intent on helping the party sort out their situation with Leeway. He walks calmly towards the three peaks you see in the distance: The Three Brothers.
> feel free to add you own personal highlights here!
> Itachi boldly saves Kelennia with some spiderman-style acrobatics
> The Silvergem family’s warforged servant Gilean appears to inform Kelennia of her mother’s sickness, with great regret she leaves the party, but not before planting one on Itachi for saving her. Gilean takes her place in the party.
Will Leeway finally get his comeuppance? Who is this “Garboss” Leeway reports to? Did Stephan perhaps know some cool recipes he and Tony could have bonded over? Find out next time on ORIGINAL RECIPE ANGELS.

Sorry this one was so late, guys. Of course, I’m sure I forgot a bunch of details and little funny things you guys did so definitely add them if you can remember!



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