The Best One of the Bunch


Miguera is the human heart of this nougety group. A bard by trade, she’s no stranger to dagger danger, and can sneak attack in-between inspiring her comrades and viciously mocking her enemies. Her calming voice is a joy to all, and her performance skills are second to none. She also looks incredibly dashing at all times. (she used to look a little worse, but she got better.)


Miguera’s home town is the Village Vousy on one of the southern islands of Khorvair. Anyone born in the village is born with elegant facial hair, a gift (or a curse?) from an ancient trouble someone had with a Belt of Dwarven Kind. After a happy and fulfilling childhood, she left to find her fortune on the high seas. On one ship she met Moga, fellow human adventurer, and the two became fast friends (and nothing more). Now she explores the world with many non-human friends, and is learning more about herself than she ever expected to.

There will be more here later, about Jeremy the Chicken and her new friend, the little red drake (who is in need of a name). She’s more empathetic than she realized.

Jeremy the Chicken
Jeromie the Chicken
Dracob the Drakeling

(this will be updated with more backstory as the series progresses)


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